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Who We Are

Checkit began as an idea. An idea to make publicly available information more accessible to real people. This led to our mission to deliver that information in ways that actually make sense. To people like you and me.

Narelle Marks & Craig Stewart – Founders

Our Vision

Easy access to information
for all

Our vision drives us

Our Mission

To create simple tools that empower people to make informed decisions

Our mission is our roadmap to delivery of service to you

Our Values

Trust  transparency  honesty  creativity  people  clarity  service

Our values define and guide us


Checkit provides tools to access information quickly and simply.  As a new start-up we seek to provide solutions that help everyday Australian’s access publicly available information. This allows for faster and better informed decisions.  In these hectic times our time saving easy apps reduce risk and increase confidence.


Our customers are people like you. We exist to help bridge the gap between information and people, making sense of the gobbledegook of publicly held information. We are building our apps to be fast, simple and easy to use for everyday Australian’s.

Our Projects

Government departments and many private sector organisations provide a vast amount of publicly available information. Unfortunately this information is often difficult to access, or takes a lot more effort than it should. Checkit is fixing that.  Available for download now on both App Store & Google Play, Checkit is a must when inspecting your next used car.

Our Creative Team

Narelle and Craig founded Checkit in response to the frustrations they experienced whenever publicly available data had to be accessed. The disconnect between different organisations, both public and private, often creates confusion and annoyance. Checkit works to alleviate this, making this data accessible and giving easy access to all. 

Narelle Marks MBA is a leader in Project Management and Business Analysis, having worked for all levels of government in Australia, managing service delivery and IT transformation projects over the last 20 years.

Craig Stewart BVSc MVS MBA (Entrepreneurship) has been involved in private industry in a leadership and management capacity for over 20 years, having started a successful small business in 2001. With a focus on customer service and client relationships, he has experienced directly the complexities of accessing important publicly available information.

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